Schedules and Terms
Schedules :
July: from 4th July (arrival and installation) until first August (departure);

July 4, Saturday: Travel day and arrival of students, 2-6 p.m.

July 6, Monday: First day of classes.

July 31, Friday: Last day of classes, including exams.

August 1, Saturday: Departure of students.



September: from 29th August (arrival and installation) until 27th September (departure)



August 29, Saturday: Travel day and arrival of students, 2-6 p.m.

August 31, Monday: First day of classes.

September 26, Saturday: Last day of classes, including exams.

September 27, Sunday: Departure of students.



Terms and Conditions

The Ammaia Summer School is an accredited academic program offered by the University of Lisbon. Participation is open to students in Archaeology, History Anthropology and other similar degree classes, at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Admission is limited to xx students (maximum xx).

In the case of a number of enrollment applications exceeds the number of places available, you will be given a preference by the order of presentation.

No prerequisites are requested for the field school; students will be trained for all the activities they’ll experience.


Short Term study abroad Program 

Summer School and field programs are a great alternative to semester programs.



In order to enable students to obtain credits from their Universities, the University of Lisbon will issue signed certificates for all the activities made during the Field School, specifying type and hours, for X ??? or X ??? Lisbon University credits (ECTS).



(Including lodgment, meals, transportation in Portugal, cultural tours and accident and illness insurance).,xx € (payment in Euros)